Nectre N15 - Rural

The Nectre 15L is beautifully compact but yet powerful enough to heat around 150m2 of living area. With its high efficiency rating and modest heat output, the Nectre 15L is a welcome addition to your home.



Nectre 15L is finished in black metallic paint and comes with cast iron door with ceramic glass and a stay cool spring handle. Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass.

  • 15KW

  • Door aperture is 250mm x 345mm.

  • Total weight of the Nectre 15L is 90kg.

  • 10 year firebox warranty on Nectre 15


Heater clearances: 

Installation clearance distances for the Nectre 15L are as follows:

  •    150mm from rear of heater to wall in a standard installation (square to walls).
  •    422mm from side of heater to wall in a standard installation (square to walls).
  •    280mm from rear corner of heater to wall in corner installation


Radiant heat: 

The Nectre 15L firebox, radiates heat towards furniture and objects around the living area. Radiant heat is excellent if you want to sit in front while watching the flame



Legs model size: 460mm (w) x 660mm (h) x 450mm (d) - base width 420mm

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