Kent Haast

Clean air approved mid-sized radiant convection wood fire. The fire creates warm air currents which circulate via convection, warming the area the fire is situated in. A secondary radiant effect produces sun-like warmth close to the fire. Comes in traditional matt black design with sturdy 6mm steel. Steel stove top plate for cooking use. Less cleaning with multi-burn firebox helping to keep the glass remaining clear. Vermiculite brick lined firebox. Comes with a 15-year firebox warranty from Kent.



  • Estimated maximum heat output is 18kW. When the fire is burning dry soft wood when tested to NZHHA approved test methodology.
  • Heats area up to 210m2 (typically up to four standard rooms).
  • Clean Air (average emission rate is 0.98/kg)
  • Overall average efficiency is 66%
  • NZ ECAN Authorisation No. 144660
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