Heatstrip Max DC

Commercial Grade Radiant Outdoor Electric Heater

With a unique dual element and reflector design, the NEW Heatstrip Max range produces world class performance, when maximum heat output is needed.

Models THX2400DC and THX3600DC

The new HEATSTRIP Max Dual Element heater has been designed to maximize heat output, with world class quality and aesthetics. With a stylish hexagonal grille and black finish, it is ideal for the really hard to heat application including high ceilings, exposed alfresco balconies, pergolas, verandahs, warehouses and resturants.


  • Dual Carbon element technology and upgraded heat reflector design that delivers maximum, world class heating performance.
  • Anodised alloy componets provide corrosion protection, even suitable for coastal locations
  • Easy installation with the brackets included. Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting.3600 model must be hardwired.
  • Commercial grade quality and construction, 2 years full replacement warranty.


Mounting Height:

  • Minimum mounting height (including flush mount) 2.1m
  • Ideal mounting height (including flush mount) 2.3m – 2.5m
  • Maximum mounting height (including flush mount) 3.0m
  • Indoors Maximum mounting height (including flush mount) 3.5m

The mounting height of the electric heater can have a significant impact on performance. For mounting heights higher than the ideal range, we recommend the use of wires/chains or optional extension poles to reduce the height and ensure the heater is within the ideal range. Heater performance may be affected if outside this range.

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