Woodsman Serene Petite ULEB

Introducing the latest addition to the serene range of ultra-low dimensions emission burners, the serene petite.

Designed for small to medium-sized spaces, the petite offers the same stylish modern look and features as our other serene models, in a more compact package.

No special operational methods or complex baffle systems means the serene petite is as easy to use as your old burner and maintenance is a breeze.

Its generous-sized fire box will fit up to 4 standard-sized logs* and the sustained burn technology will keep you warmer for longer on each load of fuel.**

Featuring a solid 8mm functional cooktop and 6mm firebox the serene is built to last and comes with a 15 year firebox warranty and 2 year consumable parts warranty


Dimensions - 834H x 411W x 555D

Weight - 110kg

ULEB Approved - Yes

Clean Air Approval - All Zones

Floor Protector - Ash Hearth

Max Log Lengths - 350mm

Approx no of Logs - up to 4 

Average Heat Output - High 6.2kw Low 4.5kw

Firebox Capacity - 26L

Cooktop - Yes 8mm

Warranty - 2 years Parts, 15 Years Firebox 

Ultra-Low emission: 

The Serene outperformed the testing standards for emissions and wetback use, meaning it can be installed in any home throughout New Zealand.

Set apart from traditional and early ULEB burners—Serene's superior performance is easier with no expensive electrical installation required, no additional expensive components needed and no complex operating requirements seen with other ULEB burners.

Serene’s design and operation is more like the log burners you’re used to, uncomplicated, inexpensive and easy to use. 

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