Pyroclassic Mini

All Pyroclassic fires are low emission burners, with an emissions rate of only 0.3g/kg - less than half that of most other clean air wood fires. Due to the impressive heat storage capabilities of the fire chamber, Pyroclassic fires consume considerably less firewood. At a fuel consumption rate of only 0.9kg per hour for the Pyro Mini. A Pyroclassic fire is the smart choice for the environment and your wallet!

The fire chamber of a Pyroclassic fire gives it a unique edge over other wood fires. Our ceramic cast cylinder retains heat like a kiln so you can enjoy a consistent warmth and the convenience of reloading less.


Colour Range

If the traditional black box wood fire isn’t for you, then you have come to the right place! Choose from more than 200 colour variations, from bold and bright to classic neutrals. Dare to be different with our colour upgrade.



  • Suitable for homes less than 120m²
  • Available with a 1.5kW wetback booster
  • Clean air approved low emission burner
  • More than 200 colour variations
  • Very low 0.9kg per hour fuel consumption rate
  • 10mm thick steel top plate cooking surface



  • Dimensions: L 452mm x W 455mm x H 625mm
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Maximum heat output: Up to 10kW
  • Useful heat output: 2kW - 6kW
  • Fuel consumption rate: 0.9kg/hr 
  • Emission rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet)
  • Efficiency rate:
  • 66.5% space heating (Dry) 
  • 67.5% with wetback (58.7% space, 8.8% water) 
  • Air control: Primary & secondary, fully automatic
  • Start up control: Manually adjustable Turboslide
  • Cooktop area: 812cm² - 10mm thick plate
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