Mark Stanton – Solid Fuel Installation Technician

Mark Stanton – Solid Fuel Installation Technician

Mark joined Hotspot in 2015, working with Phill installing fireplaces. Before joining Hotspot, Mark spent a lot of time working as a roof painter and gib stopper.

At Hotspot Mark enjoys travelling the country and getting to see some places he’s never been before such as Stewart Island. He likes the autonomy he has in his role and running installs to a professional and high standard.

He finds it rewarding to help people find the fireplace for them, people often don’t realise the level of options and the technology now available or the regulation that is in place in their part of the country. It’s nice to be a part of that process and help them find the right style for their home.

He’s an easy-going person, who enjoys the travel involved in his job and outside of work is a real movie buff, watching a lot of films.


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