Jayline UL200 ULEB

The 2018 Jayline UL200 is inspired by the latest European wood fire designs and has the largest flame window of any ULEB on the market for ultimate ambience.

The UL200 is also New Zealand’s most efficient ultra low emission burner at 79% efficiency and meets all NZ clean air standards including the strict CM1 emissions tests. Fully automated and easy to use, the UL200 requires no electricity to run, produces steady heat output and produces very little ash, making it easy to operate and maintain. Suitable for metro or rural homes from 100 to 220 metres squared.



  • Convection and Radiant heating 
  • 13KW Heat output
  • Clean air approved - NES and ECan approved. 
  • Fully Automated 
  • Large fire box
  • Ultra Efficient 
  • Designed and Engineered in NZ 


What is an ultra low emission burner?

Ultra Low Emission Burners (ULEBs) are highly efficient wood fires that were developed in response to growing concern about the amount of emissions (particulates) traditional wood stoves released into the atmosphere.

ULEBs are characterised by having two chambers inside the firebox. The dual chambers are the secret to their efficiency and lower emissions.

The top chamber is loaded with wood and lit like a traditional fireplace. Once the fire reaches a critical temperature, the opening which connects the top chamber to the flue shuts (either manually or automatically, depending on the model), resulting in hot gases being drawn down into the bottom firebox where they combust in a unique ‘downwards flame’. Burning these gases (gasification) creates another source of heat and also significantly reduces the number of particulate emissions (small particles that can stay in the atmosphere for long periods of time) released. Essentially, with a ULEB the wood fuel is being burnt twice, rather than just once, making them more efficient and economical fuel-wise and also much cleaner-burning and less harmful to air quality.

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