Bosca Spirit 550 Stainless or Black

The Bosca Spirit 550 fireplace with black sides, renowned as the Black Beauty of wood fires, offers more than what meets the eye. The woodfire’s smooth contours and silky bodice warrants its place as a designer detail. But that is not all. The Bosca Spirit 550 log burner effectively heats even the largest of rooms, suiting those generous open plan living spaces –while only producing 0.9g/kg of emissions. The Bosca Spirit 550 with its high heat output, European styling and extraordinary efficiency, will be a standout feature in your home. When good looks and performance are at the top of your list, choose the Bosca Spirit 550 wood fire.


Estimated Peak Heat Output: 19kw

Height: 910mm, Width: 605mm, Depth: 530mm

Emission: 0.9 g/kg

Efficiency: 69%

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